Meeting Your Puppy’s Basic Health Needs

11 November 2014
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Bringing your puppy home is sure to be an exciting day, but are you really clued-in on your responsibilities as your new puppy's owner? It's true that dogs give lots of love and bring joy to their human family, so you need to ensure that you meet their basic needs and give them the healthy life they deserve in return. Here's an overview of your responsibilities: Vaccinations Your puppy should be vaccinated against the following diseases: Read More 

How to remove a carpet stain with ingredients from your home

13 October 2014
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So you've just bought a beautiful new carpet. It's soft and fluffy under your feet and feels amazing on cold winter nights. This is the upside. But let's be real--it's only a matter of time before your cup of coffee goes flying or your child decides that your beautiful carpet is the best surface for making mud pies. When disaster strikes in the form of spills and stains, and you don't want to head straight to the supermarket aisle that has the harshest chemicals, you'll be pleased to know that there are tonnes of ingredients lying around your house that are perfect for carpet cleaning and stain removal. Read More