How to remove a carpet stain with ingredients from your home

13 October 2014
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So you've just bought a beautiful new carpet. It's soft and fluffy under your feet and feels amazing on cold winter nights. This is the upside. But let's be real--it's only a matter of time before your cup of coffee goes flying or your child decides that your beautiful carpet is the best surface for making mud pies. When disaster strikes in the form of spills and stains, and you don't want to head straight to the supermarket aisle that has the harshest chemicals, you'll be pleased to know that there are tonnes of ingredients lying around your house that are perfect for carpet cleaning and stain removal.

Remove ink stains with milk. When your teenager has been studying hard on the living room carpet, and they accidentally get ink stains everywhere, it's hard to know what to do as a parent. You want to encourage them for studying, but at the same time, you want a clean carpet. The next time this happens, you won't need to sweat it--just reach for the milk jug and the problem will practically solve itself. Drench the area in milk overnight, and then when you work on the stain with a rag the next morning, it should disappear.

Remove oil and grease with shaving foam. Getting oil on a carpet is always stressful because as everybody knows, oil and water repel each other, and greasiness will remain on the carpet no matter how much you drench the stain with hot water. One of the best things for removing oil and greasy stains is shaving cream--something that can be found in most bathrooms across the country. Spray on some shaving foam, let it penetrate the stain for ten minutes, and then blot it with some kitchen paper.

Remove vomit stains with baking soda. If you have small kids, you have to deal with all kinds of nasty substances like vomit. The good news is that when vomit finds its way onto your beautiful carpet, it can be easily removed with baking soda. First remove any excess vomit with kitchen paper, and then cover the whole area with baking soda. Let it sit for an hour and then vacuum the residue. This will clean, sanitise and deodorise your affected area of carpet.

Carpet cleaning doesn't have to be expensive, hard work or only successful with harsh chemicals. Follow these tips and you'll be able to maintain a perfectly clean carpet with household ingredients. If your issues still persist, contact a professional, like All Seasons Carpet Cleaning & Pest Management, for help.